Captain Rock Radio App for Android

Captain Rock Radio App for Android

Download our free Android App to your smartphone and take us with you on the road! The app streams our broadcasts straight to your phone wherever you happen to be. Preview our app below or download now!

Direct download:

App preview (try clicking the buttons to preview our app!)

How to download

There are two ways to download the Captain Rock Radio app to your Android phone.

Method 1: Navigate to our website using your smartphone and click on the Direct Download link. Click Install when your phone asks you to, and it will install automatically.

Method 2: If you are viewing this page from a PC, download the app using the Direct Download link. Once the app file (.apk extension) has downloaded to your PC, email it to yourself using your usual email program. Access your email from your smartphone and click on the attachment. It will then download to your phone and you can follow the instructions to install automatically.

Compatibility Notice: For the time being this app has only been tested and is guaranteed to work on phones running Android OS. Our software developers state that it is also compatible with iOS but it has NOT been tested on iPhones.  It may work but we take no responsibility if it does not. Updates will be posted once full testing has been completed – stay tuned!!!  

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