The band started as a side project(of Giorgos’s) in order to record a couple of songs(First Step To Nowhere EP) just for the fun of it all.With the aid of some friends, members of the Manifesto Music Movement(Vaggelis Theodorakis of Revolted Masses on guitars,Fivos Andriopoulos of 3fold Pain, Trendy Hooliguns on drums,Apollo Siakandaris of Undedrworld Dreams on vocals,Stelios Kapantaes of Postraumatic on vocals and Chrisospathis Kostis on artwork), the recordings/mastering process and artwork were over by early March 2012.While undergoing recordings, Giorgos moved in UK where he met Sam(Guitard, pun intended indeed) and Sam(Drums) who were interested in playing music as well.With these two amazing Brits on board,the line-up complete , the band is now composing new songs and getting ready for some crazy gigs still for the fun of it all!!! Already countin gigs in 3 countries (Iceland,Greece,England) and there are many more to come.

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Discography:First Step To Nowhere EP

Other people’s words about Skandal:
Seems like you guys had a fun time on our little cold, windswept rock. Really liked your show, you guys are heavy like an iron barrel full of satanic fertilizer. Hope you visit us again!’
Flosi Porgeorsson – HAMM’
‘The band started as a side project to record some songs…Eventually it turned into something more serious! They declare themselves Rock, Metal, Experimental, however I would add the Progressive element to the description. Just two tracks, in the EP, enough to realize the potential of Skandal. I look forward to the continuation of this project! 9/10’
Greek Rebels
“There’s currently a minor online movement regarding Skandal: Their fans feel that the Leeds trio should already be on the bill for this year’s DesertFest, and judging by the percussion-heavy thunder of ‘King’, we think so too.” – chuyubucca sounds.

Upcoming Releases: Currently working on first debut album.More news on that subject really soon…

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